Website redesign for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD)

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    Private Organization
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    Synergy Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) systematically designed a user-focused and streamlined Website that manages publications, webinars, and meeting presentations in a more intuitive format, along with a content management system (CMS) for the administration of the site.

Synergy's Approach

NASMHPD, which is home to the only member organization representing state executives, is responsible for a $36.7 billion public mental health delivery system that serves 6.8 million people annually. Services are provided in all 50 states, 4 territories, and the District of Columbia. NASMHPD competitively selected Synergy to redesign their website, implement a content management system (CMS), and deliver onsite administrative user training.

Our information technology team worked directly with NASMHPD staff members to conduct a needs assessment, information architecture, and redesign plan, as they wanted to redesign their public-facing site to streamline resources and remove duplication while enhancing the user experience. Synergy’s information architects designed an administrative interface to manage NASMHPD’s large collection of publications, webinars, and meeting presentations, and to make them more easily accessible to users. Our designers created a responsive site design that updated, rather than overhauled, the design language with which NASMHPD staff and users were familiar.

The site’s newly added filtering features allow users to significantly narrow document searches from hundreds of presentations and publications to directly relevant documents. The addition of a user-friendly CMS also means that NASMHPD staff no longer needs access to an HTML expert, .Net expert, or specialized software, such as Dreamweaver, to update the site. Instead, they can log in to an online portal and make edits directly. Our solution has decreased dependency on outside technical staff and has empowered the NASMHPD staff to make required changes and updates in a fraction of the time and cost. This improved workflow has allowed the organization to be more responsive to its constituents and the public at large.