Grants administration and logistical support services for the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)

  • Agency:
    U.S. Department of State
  • Office:
    Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
  • Solution:
    Synergy developed a flexible and responsive Web application to help facilitate grant-making and provides logistical support to promote wider understanding and use of U.S. initiatives.

Synergy's Approach

The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) creates partnerships with citizens in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to help develop pluralistic, participatory, and prosperous societies throughout the region. MEPI collaborates with local, regional, and international non-governmental organizations, the private sector, academic institutions, and governments to provide critical support to advocates for social and political change. Synergy provides onsite support at MEPI to assist with conferences and the review of funded grants to organizations throughout the MENA region.

Our work covers the entire grant review process—including the pre-announcement phase, publication of the announcement of the forthcoming grant competition, answering questions from prospective applicants, downloading the applications, securing grant reviewers, providing support throughout the grant review process, and then processing notification of awards to the applicants. At the beginning of the contract, MEPI asked Synergy to develop a web-based application to streamline their grant review and monitoring process. To meet MEPI’s goal of tracking grant information from submission of a proposal through closeout, Synergy created the e-Grants System using Microsoft (MS) .NET 3.5 technology and a MS SQL Server 2005 database. Synergy’s MS Server 2005 servers host this database. All modules and web tools are protected with role-based security, and connections are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer security. Synergy continues to maintain the grant review database and make revisions as requested.

In addition to IT and logistical support, Synergy provides multimedia communication and translation services to reinforce MEPI initiatives. Our team designed, developed, and currently hosts a trilingual (French, English, and Arabic) Application Submission website for MEPI’s regional offices and embassies, with a built-in training and instruction tool to guide applicants on the submission process. Synergy also provides a range of conference planning, multilingual translation, and resource development services. For example, Synergy developed and hosted an electronic registration system and multilingual website for the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative meetings in Jordan and Morocco and for the 2012 G8-BMENA Initiative 9th Forum for the Future held in Tunisia.